Winter Threshold

winter threshold

“Winter is the oldest season and it has some quality of the absolute about it. Yet, in truth, beneath the surface of Winter, the miracle of Spring is already in preparation. The cold is relenting, seeds are waking up, and colours are beginning to imagine how they will return. Then, imperceptibly, somewhere, one bud opens, and the symphony of renewal is no longer reversible. From the black heart of Winter, a miraculous, breathing plenitude of colour emerges.”                       – John O’Donahue

Painting a Christmas card design for the Chisholme Institute, inspired by the beech hedge which runs through the middle of the vegetable garden.



More encounters

encounter with coffee drinker

Encounter with coffee drinker

encounter with gravity

Encounter with gravity

encounter with hands

Encounter with lone chicken

encounter with leaf blowers

Encounter with leaf shepherds


Wake of the Infinite




I shall not sleep tonight,
for I shall attend the
wake of the Infinite
the vigil held for the one
forever dying inside us.

However, I do not go in mourning,
nor do I wish to share sorrow
or bond in grief.

I go because
the one forever dying
is the one forever rising.

The one who chooses today
despite all yesterdays,
the one who smiles
despite all demise,
the one who sings at dawn
despite the deepest,
most fearsome dreams.

I shall attend the wake of the Infinite
so I may also learn how to die,
and yield to this river moving through me
nourishing my constant rebirth
into greater and greater clarity.

Animation for The Chisholme Institute

Previously this year, I created this animated introduction video below for Chisholme with Mayra Hernandez Rios

This following description is from their website:

“Chisholme is here for those who seek to know themselves essentially and to understand the reality of the world in which we live.

The guiding principle here is the essential Unity of all Existence, a wholly inclusive perspective, not limited by dogma or religious considerations. This perspective, which lies at the heart of the great wisdom traditions, is of particular relevance today.

The Chisholme Institute was established in 1979 on a beautiful 18th Century Scottish estate 60 miles south of Edinburgh. Since then, its focus has been to provide education in the art of self-discovery to students from all over the world and to promote an increased awareness of the real value of our connection to the world and each other.

The courses and retreats at Chisholme address body, mind and spirit in a balanced and integrated way, through programmes of study, meditation, work and devotional practice. Every aspect and activity, from the baking of bread to the planting of trees, is seen to be part of the education offered here.

Chisholme offers a range of courses throughout the year and welcomes volunteers to come and work in the house, grounds and beautiful walled organic gardens.

Visitors are always welcome for both short visits and longer stays.”