“The Bewildered Cauliflower is a mysterious creature who was found washed up on the outer shores of the dreaming. When asked about his origins, he whispered that he had been raised by wild rhubarb, and is now using human form to explore the uplifting powers of art.”


I am a freelance painter, animator, illustrator, cartoonist and filmmaker living in Scotland. I was born in 1994 and enjoyed a creative, imaginative childhood, drawing at every opportunity and inventing stories with toy animals to perform for my younger sister. Growing up, I kept a close connection to the inner, imaginative world, and through focusing on art I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2016 with a first-class degree in Animation and several short films.

In Summer 2016, I worked on the hand-painted feature film Loving Vincent, and have since been exploring painting animation, developing a short film with paint on canvas and experimenting with illustration. I am currently based at the Chisholme Institute, a ‘school of self-knowledge’, where I look after the garden. I enjoy storytelling in all its forms and seek to work on inspiring, uplifting creative projects.

I am open to commissions. Please contact me if I create anything for you.


(+44) 01289 307337

My Facebook page



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